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PostSubject: ※MY※RIDING※CAMP'S※DRILL※   ※MY※RIDING※CAMP'S※DRILL※ Icon_minitime2009-07-26, 8:25 am

This is my camp's drill. It was choreographed by Emily Sidney and it is absolutely AMAZING! Emily did a wonderful job on it, don't you think? Our camp is put on by Holly Hansen, my absolutely FABULOUS riding teacher. Cady Sidney opened the door at the end and I must say that she did a wonderful job at it Wink . My horse is the big chestnut with the blue saddle pad and I am wearing my blue helmet. She broke into a canter a few times but they were lovely canters. Every year there is a demo ride and BBQ for the parents to see how their children have progressed, and all the lesson children put together a small (like, 2-5 minutes) routine to show their family. Also, every year the intermediate camp (there is no advanced camp) is during the week of the demo ride (the demo ride is on Friday and the camp is Mon-Fri) so the camp prepares a drill, which Emily choreographs. At the demo ride all the lesson kids do their performances, and when they have finished we perform our drill. It is quite awesome actually. It is kinda hard to choreograph a drill when there's an odd number of people. Especially a prime number of people. The songs are Grease Lightening and We Go Together from the movie Grease. Left to right when we're all lined up at the beginning is,
From Left to Right,
Darian on Lady, Lady is a dark bay Arab/Appy mare
Sydney on Shanoah, Shanoah is an appy blanket POA mare
Lottie on Heidi (horse), Heidi is a palomino Quarab mare (with the amazing mane!)
Morgan on Ebony, Ebony is a white Tennessee walker/appy gelding (and i know, its so ironic that his name is Ebony)
Emma (Claire) on Dakota, Dakota is a chestnut with a flaxen mane Quarter horse/Welsh pony gelding
Heidi (human) on Rio, Rio is a black quarter horse gelding
and last but not least, me, Emma (Zerr) on Shally, Shally is a solid bred chestnut with a flaxen mane paint mare

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PostSubject: Re: ※MY※RIDING※CAMP'S※DRILL※   ※MY※RIDING※CAMP'S※DRILL※ Icon_minitime2009-07-26, 6:18 pm

it didn't work
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