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 Valley Ranch

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PostSubject: Valley Ranch   Valley Ranch Icon_minitime2009-02-12, 6:51 am

The valley ranch is endless feilds of lush grass the barns stand tall and the mansion sized main house is quiet, the land has cottages and bunk houses for the hands and people invited to live here.There is a long dirt drive way with trees outlining it that leads to the open ,gorgeous ranch.The Barns are huge and so are the pastures.THis land has many trails and open areas that they dont have pastures on.The main house is a private area because it is surrounded by trees ,so you need a fourwheeler or truck to get down to the barn unless you know the trail there.Owner:Nate Acres:2500

Valley Ranch Wood-horse-ranch-gate-1g
Valley Ranch Atlanta_Mansions_over_1million
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Valley Ranch Kitchen
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PostSubject: Re: Valley Ranch   Valley Ranch Icon_minitime2009-02-13, 4:44 am

but nate is gonna buy it after he is with jackie for a bit .like they stay at an apartment and then he buys it exc....

unless you dont like that plan
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Valley Ranch
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