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 tammy comes for boarding their horses

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PostSubject: tammy comes for boarding their horses   tammy comes for boarding their horses Icon_minitime2009-09-05, 2:12 pm

Linda 2yrs her pony is a mare: BUMPKIN
Jennifer 6yrs her horse is a stud: ROHERYN
Laura 8yrs and her mare: FIREFOOT
Kimberly 12 yrs her pony is a mare: SNOWMANE
cynthia 14 and her mare "As Sweet As Honey" Honey for short
Ashli (ashley) 15 mare: NAHAR
Amanda 16 yrs her horse is a mare: ROCHELLOR
Michelle (is deaf) 18yrs her hannaoverian is a stud: HASUFEL
Rosy 20 stud: FLAME mare: FLICKER
Tammy 21yrs her stallion: STRIDER

I ride in leading flame, flicker, hasufel, rochellor and nahar. Jenifer rides her stud roheryn in behind me leading firefoot honey and snow mane Linda rides bumpkin who follows snowmane happily.

I hear lasker barking and i walk out and see the three girls and the load of horseflesh
"Howdy, what can i do for ya'all?" i called tipping my hat back.

"We need boarding, i can work in return for the fees" i said

Aslan: "For.................11 horses? 3 gypsys two warmbloods, a hannoverian, and five ponies? your going to need more then one person, normally to board in return for working its one horse per person."

Linda: "I can helps" i called out

Jennifer: "Theres 10 kids we can all help." i added

Aslan: I look at linda and walk over
"Whats your ponies name?"

Linda: "Bumpkin" i smiled
ASLAN: "How old are you?"
Linda: "Nearly threes" i said and when bumpkin tossed her head sharply i snagged the reins in quick keeping her standing still
Aslan: "How long have you been riding?" i asked her
Linda: "For evers" i smiled and when the mare settled i loosened the reins again
Tammy: "Lindas been with us since she was orphaned at 17 months old and shes been in the saddle before she could walk." i filled in
then added
"She can tend bumpkin her self, she only needs help with the girth making sure its tight and carrying water buckets and pushing barrows." i smiled having taught her myself.

Aslan: "Ok you all report to me first thing monday and we will sit down and make a roster up and you can take turns helping." i smiled when tammy grinned

Tammy:"Great, im tammy, this is Linda and jennifer."
Aslan: "Aslan. my wife and i have a large house full of adopted kids if you need somewhere to stay?" i offered

Tammy: "Well i kinda left the others at the orphanage so i dont know"
Aslan: "Wel put the horses in the last lot of stalls and then come to the office ill make a few calls and then give you a lift back to the orphanage."
Tammy: "Thanks"i smiled and dismounted and watched the others dismount.

Tammy: i watched aslan and the dog walk inside and i took lindas reins,
"Bumpkin can wait with snow mane linda and you can lead flicker" i smiled handing her the gentle mares reins. she took them happily and followed as i led the horses in and turned them loose in the stalls tying the reins to the bridle tempoary until all i had were in stalls then i slidded their bridles off and hung them on the gates. i went back and linda took bumpkins reins and snow manes. she mounted bumpkin and led snow after me leading fire foot and honey leaving jen to bring in her horse
when those were un bridled we took the saddles off and aslan reapeared
"theres gear placements according to the stall numbers in the tack room, you will also find grooming gear there too"
Tammy thanked him again and with jennifer and linda she put the gear away and collected a grooming set each
"Linda start with bumpkin then snow ok"i smiled as she struggled to unlatch the stall and went in.
we groomed them quickly and aslan returned with feeds
"They can have these to begin with and we will organise the feed later." he helped set them out along wth topping off fresh water.

Aslan: "Come on, we'll pick the others up and go home to my wife and the others, shes got dinner waiting" i smiled
Tammy: "Aslan.........thankyou really" i smiled

The hoss wasn't built to thread the Earth,
He took natural to the air,
And every time he went aloft,
He tried to leave me there.

~*~ Authour Unknown ~*~
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tammy comes for boarding their horses
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