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 Ranch Request?

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Ranch Request? Empty
PostSubject: Ranch Request?   Ranch Request? Icon_minitime2009-08-23, 10:53 pm

Midwest Egyptian Arabian Stables

The Midwest Arabian Stables are one of the top Egyptian Arabian Stables around, it has lush, green grass everywhere you look. The Stalls are a good size and big enough for the horse to move around in.. We do board horses here, but only Egyptian Arabian. We breed all of our Arabians here, but some of them are fixed. There are plenty of Mares & Stallions here to be bred with one of your horses! Our Arabians here have awesome bloodlines, and some of our Stallions are Legendary Stallions. We take good care of our Stalls, Horses, and pretty much everything here. This Stable was built about 13 years ago and it`s still as good as new. There is a big entry way with trees lining up to the drive way. The cement is very smooth and when you enter there is a big Silver Plate that says "Welcome To Midwest Egyptian Arabians" in big Italic letters. A lot of people come here to visit our Legendary Stallions and to have tours of the Stables! We have huge pastures here and amazing wash racks. We have pretty much anything that a horse needs. We always keep our grass green. We have plenty of Staff people that cleans everything, and we also have kids and stuff that come here to Volunteer with our horses! We hold shows here sometimes and even have Festivals! When he hold Festivals at our Barn the kids get to ride! The kids only get to ride the calm and fixed horses though, because it`s more safe. We win so many ribbons and trophy`s that we have our own rooms for our ribbons and trophy`s. Our Stable is so big that we have little Golf Carts that we drive around the Stables for tours, finding our way, to feed, and just to go where we need to go! There are also 2 big lodges. The lodges are for like signing up your Mare or Stallion to breed to one of our horses. And also, our first lodge has a Cafe, like if you wanna eat there or just grab a quick snack. A lot of our workers work there. Also our Stables are wooden, most of them anyways, our Stables are able to let the horses go in & out if they want to. We also have a guest house for one of our family members to stay, or for the kids to stay. We have a huge American Flag outside of out first Lodge, and also. The second Lodge we have has a Statue of one of our famous Legendary Stallions when he was a Foal.
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Ranch Request?
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