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PostSubject: Shawn needs...   Shawn needs... Icon_minitime2009-08-13, 5:06 am

a 3 Day Eventing barn. If you would make it can it be:

name: DevonWood Equestrian Center
This 900 acre farm is settled in the hills just 5 minutes outside of town. It has a wonderful indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, a polo field, a round pen, cross country jumps, miles of trails, 70 stalls, a wash stall with hot and cold running water and a heat lamp, video surveillance of the stable and tack room areas to ensure the safety of horses, 5 tack rooms including space for tack trunks, and lockers for borders. It also has a club room overlooking the indoor arena, kitchen facilities, an observation deck overlooking the polo field, and a show office and scoring booth. It is owned by Shawn Johnson.

You don't have to put these pictures in but I found them and I need to post them somewhere other wise I'll forget where they are when i post them in the "looks like" thread.
View of property form above
Shawn needs... Aerial_view_from_east_small

Indoor Arena: 90' x 220'
Indoor view
Shawn needs... Indoor_arena_setup_for_show_2
Outdoor view
Shawn needs... 2001barn

Two Outdoor Arenas:
Enclosed 30m x 70m
Shawn needs... Outdoor_arena

Dressage 20m x 60m with sand footing
Shawn needs... Sand_dressage_arena

Round pen
Shawn needs... Round_pen

Show jumps
Shawn needs... Stadium_course_1
Shawn needs... Stadium_course_2

Cross country jumps
Shawn needs... Brush_jump
Shawn needs... Loh_water_jump
Shawn needs... Chicken_coup_jump
Shawn needs... Stone_wall
yes, this is an obstical too
Shawn needs... Bank_complex

Shawn needs... West_trail_up_iron_mountain
Shawn needs... East_trail_up_iron_mountain
view from on top of the hill
Shawn needs... Lohfromironmountain

Ignore any person from this point on

1 tack room (they all look alike)
Shawn needs... Main_tackroom_north_end

Shawn needs... Patty_s_by_lockers

Club room overlooking indoor arena
(long wall of windows are where you look into the indoor arena)
Shawn needs... Observation_lounge_from_south
Shawn needs... Observation_lounge_from_north

Observation deck
Shawn needs... Outdoor_deck
Shawn needs... View_from_deck

Show office and scoring booth
Shawn needs... Show_office
Shawn needs... Scoring_booth
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Shawn needs...
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