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 Sheila neeeedssssssssss

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Can you make Sheila a ranch?
if so heres the Desc.

Rocky Hill Ranch

Rocky Hill Ranch is a dream come true. I am blessed with beautiful, spacious land for my horses to run, romp, and play. In addition, there is plenty more natural space for a walking trail.
For all I have, I invite all to come visit, explore, play, and be a part of Rocky Hill Ranch.
This place for all horses of any breeds contains 3000 acres of land 3 barns,foals and mares,mares,stallions,there is a 60 acre cottage round were guests can stay,you can board your horse here for 1000 dollars a year,the house,where the owners live is a 3 story house with 7 bedrooms,4 bathrooms,2 living rooms and one big kitchen along with a backyard and pool.Owner(s): Sheila Eckert
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Sheila neeeedssssssssss
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